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Hello to all the Quality Songs lovers, 
"Music and Arts must be created by pure love and passion. They should come from the deep of the artist's heart and soul. Then, it's value is infinite and it will live forever. 
If an Art is made just for the money alone, it's merely a worthless temporary fashion and will perish in the oblivion of the history
                                                                                                                     Oded Edward Yudovin 
Nadik & Edik. A creative soul-couple, in music, business and in the real life. 
Nadia is an academic professional singer and a chorus conductor. 
Oded Edward is MSc. in Aerospace and Machinery Engineering. 
Together we run our own small business and in the scarce free time left, we produce a musical project called Genie & Master. This is a non profit project for people who love and appreciate good music and songs. 
The name Genie & Master is a tribute to an old series "I dream of Jeannie" Starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman as Genie and her Master. 
Oded Edward is the creator of the songs, the author of Lyrics and the initial Melody. Nadia is the composer of Melody and performs the Singing. Nadia is the angel's voice behind the whole project and the Muse for Edward to write new songs all the time. We have combined together with Reuven Hayoon, a born-talented musician and a composer. Reuven is responsible for the Musical Arrangement of all the songs and also plays live most of the musical instruments. 
The general style of the songs is Pop-Rock. We have defined it as the new Israeli Shanson stream.

Every Genie & Master song has a story/message behind it. Meaningful Lyrics. Catchy melody and musical arrangement. High-end quality studio recording. Live instruments and naturally, a professional singing performance.  
Huge efforts and money are invested to produce professional recordings and high level Videoclips. 
All our songs and VideoClips are free to listen/watch online and are free to download. They are also free for sharing and non-profit re-distribution. We believe that the value of any creation that comes from the heart, should not be measured by cash. This is why we don't allow any third-party commercials on this site. It's also much safer.

Since the songs were written especially for Nadia's performance and voice, we, as the full right owners of the compilations don't allow anyone, even famous as can be, to use these songs or musical arrangements for cover performance. The moto is: Be creative, be innovative, be unique and productive, don't just copy and recycle other's stuff. 
Nowadays, we are working on the creation of VideoClips for all the songs released in our albums so far. 
Then, work will continue on our next album. 
Besides their musical value, G&M songs are excellent candidates for Musicals and Movies. 
Nadik & Edik 
(Genie & Master)